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End-of-Lease Pre-Inspection Guide

Bobcat Mini Excavator

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All attachments to be returned with the equipment. No glass should be broken or missing, nor should the ROPS be damaged in any way. The doors, wipers, and safety bar should operate as intended. No impact damage should be noticeable.

The asset should fully function including moving forward and backward and lifting the boom up and down.

Remaining Tread is calculated by taking the track measurement then dividing that by the original track depth. Both tracks must be the same model. If the tracks have gouges or cuts larger than ½ inch by 3 inches, they should be replaced.

All customer identifications must be removed before returning the asset.

The asset should be steam cleaned prior to returning, to avoid potential inspection misdiagnosis.

If the seat has a cut or tear longer than 6 inches, a cut or tear shorter than 6 inches with internal material exposed, or there are broken welds, the seat should be replaced.

If there is a crack that is longer than 6 inches, or the glass is missing or broken, the entire glass must be replaced prior to return.