Advantages of Leasing

There are three ways to beat the competition: do it better; do it faster; or do it cheaper. By leasing your Bobcat® Equipment at competitive rates, you can achieve all three.

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Newer equipment and technology can quickly improve productivity, create major competitive advantages and jumpstart business growth. Typically, you have three equipment acquisition options: an outright purchase, a loan or a lease. Leasing your equipment through Wells Fargo, a leading financial solutions provider, may deliver significant benefits for your business.

All new Bobcat equipment are eligible for leasing including skid-steers, all-wheel steer and compact track loaders, mini track loaders, compact excavators, compact tractors, utility vehicles, Toolcat utility work machines, VersaHandler telescopic tool carriers and up to two new serial numbered attachments for each power unit.

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Flexibility And Convenience

Equipment ownership flexibility

If you need equipment now for a temporary requirement, such as a specific job contract, but are not sure if you'll need it for the long term, leasing may be the perfect solution. You'll have the flexibility to either return the equipment or keep it at end-of-lease term. Leasing allows you the flexibility to defer your decision, to buy, until the end of term. In addition, there are no surprises. You'll know your purchase option up-front.

Customized payment structures

We can tailor lease payment options to meet your specific business and sales cycle, with monthly, quarterly, deferred, step, seasonal and extended payment terms. Since you only pay for what you use, the monthly payments are lower.

Flexible options during and at the end of the lease

If you finance equipment acquisition with a loan, you own the equipment throughout the loan term. If you pay cash, you own it, period. But with a lease, you may have the option to purchase, trade-up, add-on or redeploy assets. At the end of the lease, you may have the option to purchase, return, renew or continue to rent the equipment month-to-month.

Entire solution in one easy payment

Together with the equipment you lease, you may consolidate financing of other items, such as parts, accessories and maintenance contracts, into a single, convenient lease payment. In addition, you pay use tax on the lease payments, not sales tax on the full sales price.

Improved Cash Management

Lower monthly payments

For leasing transactions where we assume the equipment residual risk, lease payments would usually be lower and have far less business impact than a sizable purchase price. Leasing gives you the ability to secure the equipment you need and not "settle" for what you can afford.

Acquire equipment usage immediately

Low monthly payments would allow you to manage budget constraints, especially when compared to a lump sum purchase, enabling you to acquire the equipment you need and put it to work right away. Leasing allows you to match your equipment commitment to a specific project. In addition, a lower monthly payment may allow you to lease multiple attachments to expand your business or participate in new markets and services.

Optimize working capital and cash flow

Without the large capital outlay of a purchase, cash would be available to strategically re-invest in your business. Spreading payments out over time could also improve cash flow. And if the lease does not affect your credit lines, they could be preserved for other operating needs. Leasing allows you to build equity in your business, not in your equipment, making you more competitive.

Low Asset Risk

Avoid technological obsolescence

Various lease structures would allow you to stay ahead of the competition, by giving you the flexibility to trade-up equipment when you need it, and to avoid keeping less productive equipment beyond its useful life.

Maximize equipment productivity and reliability

Leasing could allow you to return or trade-up equipment when it gets older, to avoid costly maintenance and optimize up time. Leasing provides for planned replacement of the equipment and keeps you on the cutting edge of equipment enhancements and keeps you ahead of your competition.

We provide solid solutions that may contribute to the growth and success of your business. Work with the financing experts who are committed for the long-term to meeting your business needs and adding real value.